Financial advisor is looking for various solutions to various needs of his clients. At the same time he has to be able to explain proposed solutions and know their connection with fulfilling the needs of the client's. Fincentrum provides a wide range of support resources for that.

Effective education
On-line Innovative
Analytical support
Creative and striking marketing

„Enter the world of the extraordinary. We have everything you need to become successful.“



Fincentrum has long been one of the best-paying companies in the market. The commisions are, of course, paid in the next pay period. Fincentrum also offers to its partners other benefits.


Financial advisors climb up the career ladder according to an established career system depending on their performance. The career move is determined only by performance. There is no need to obtain this approval by the superior or the head office.

Assistant allowance and training

We provide advisors with an allowance for the assistant secretary. Another benefit is a sophisticated and efficient system of education in which the assistant learns to master all the skills necessary for this job.

No cancellation fund

In the event that the advisor offers quality services we do not retain any portion of the commissions in the form of cancellation fund.

Office marketing allowance

Fencentrum's central office covers 100% of the costs of external marketing and advertising branding of the offices of our advisors.

Long-term support in need

We appreciate the work of our advisors! In case of inability to perform your job we will support you financially.

Express commission for newcomers

In the first six months of our cooperation Fincentrum may pay up to 90% commision. The entire amount is credited to advisor's account within 5 working days.

Commision for referrals

When recommending or referring a new advisor outside its own structure, the advisor will earn a regular monthly commision for this referral.

Life annuity

The manager who has achieved the top position of “Country Head Manager” and has trained another country head manager, will receive a life annuity.

„Good reputation, ethics, longevity and quality of financial advisory are the values we put emphasis on.““



Fincentrum's share programme allows the best advisors to multiply their success in in relation to the growth of the company in the coming years. The advisors who contribute to the growth of the company are offered a very interesting opportunity to further evaluate their finances with minimal risk. Long-term stability and safety of the share programme is guaranteed by its framework based on the Luxembourg law.

What determines the qualification for the share programme?

Whether an advisor is qualified for the share programme and is entitled to buy shares will decide the annual increase of his group.

In what form will you get the shares?

Fincentrum's shareholders acquire shares in the parent company Fincentrum Holding (Lux) S. A., which is fully in charge of Czech and Slovak Fincentrum. They get their share by buying preference shares in Fincentrum Group International Share Program S. A., controlled by the Luxembourg law only for this purpose.

What is the value you receive for your shares if the company is sold?

When the company is sold, the shareholder gains the share from the net price corresponding to its share in the total value of the company. More precisely, any monetary yields resulting from the sale of the shares of Fincentrum Holding will be paid to the shareholder at a rate determined from the actual amount of its equity share in the value of the shares issued under the share programme. If the dividend is paid, the shareholders are entitled to a share of the dividend to the extent of their actual participation.

What happens in the case of termination of the cooperation with Fincentrum?

In the case of termination of cooperation with Fincentrum before the sale of the shares, the shareholders will be paid back all the money invested. The exception is the natural death of the shareholder. In this case, the equity claim is in full subject to inheritance procedures. The survivors can decide whether to remain in the programme or will be paid the share value.


Advisors are properly rewarded for their good work. Endless sandy beaches, sunshine, a company of great people. All this at your fingertips.